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Discount for cotswold wildlife park

discount for cotswold wildlife park

With plenty of fine refreshments, parking and disabled access, Cotswold Wildlife Park is a lovely family day out that everyone can enjoy.
Other standouts at the family attraction are a Giant Sequoia on the lawn by the restaurant, and native species that form the backdrop to illustrated talks to groups by the Head Gardener in the Manor House Drawing Room.
The converted stable block that became the Reptile House has the only Morelets Crocodiles in the UK, Gaboon Vipers with the longest fangs in the snake world and a Reticulated Python the longest of all snake species with Barney measuring over 24 feet and still.
The Cotswold Wildlife Park Tropical House is home to cuddly tree-hanging sloths, Sunbitterns, Speckled Mousebirds, Blue-bellied Rollers, White-eyes and a fine selection of flora.Cotswold Wildlife Park, burford, Oxfordshire, oX18 4JP, win trip canada tel: 44 (0).Ticket holders can feed some mammals and chat with their keepers, adding an extra dimension of fun to the family attraction.A hair-raising family day out also offers ticket holders the chance to see venomous lizards like the Beaded Lizard, iguana, Asian Water Dragon and the Leopard Gecko.Hand washing facilities are located outside the Barn, ensuring a fun and safe family day out.Cotswold Wildlife Parks West Section takes in the Childrens Farm and its Walk-through, featuring Tapir, White-lipped Peccary and Wolves.The feline frasers discount code 2015 star of a family day to out to Cotswold Wildlife Park is the Amur Leopard, the most endangered species of big cat, with less than 50 in the wild, alongside a pride of Asiatic Lions.The Cotswold Wildlife Park East Section lies within the Manors Walled Garden, which was originally a kitchen garden that produced vegetables for the estate.Cotswold Wildlife Park was opened to the public in 1970 and is divided into four main sections, each with a team of keepers and conservation and breeding experts.Cotswold Wildlife Park additionally offers corporate packages with Meetings and conferences held in the Drawing Room, looking across to the rhinos and zebras school tours and groups visits with Cream Tea in the Orangery.Finally, Cotswold Wildlife Parks Herpetology Invertebrate Section features the Reptile and Insect Houses, which contain such species as Leaf-cutter Ants and Tarantulas.Above and beyond the Pygmy Goat Paddock, the family attractions Barn boasts sheep and donkey enclosures, while the South American Walk-through contains the worlds largest rodent species, the Capybara, along with the White-lipped Peccary.Its walls are festooned with relics of the farming industry of yesteryear, and it shelters rabbits, guinea pigs and pigs, as well as an enclosure for rats and three incubation rooms for newly hatched chicks.Other West Section creatures include Canadian Timber Wolves in the woods opposite the Lake, Wallabies, Stork, Crane, Emu, Coscoroba Swan and Geese.Amid the old apple trees of the family attractions gardens are numerous tropical species of plants, while birds nestle in the Giant Hornbill and Weaver aviaries, and the Tropical House Lemur Enclosure accommodates several species of lemur, plus Ground Cuscus and Madagascan Jumping Rats.The South Section of the family attraction covers a larger area and larger animals too, not least the big cats, Bactrian camels, Chilean Flamingos, and white Rhino and zebras that share an extensive paddock to the front of the Manor (with the Mongoose opposite).Cotswold Wildlife Parks Gardens add another dimension to the family attraction, running from ancient Oaks and traditional borders, to prairie and exotic plantings in the micro-climate of the Walled Garden, where bananas and cannas grow.Two aquariums near the entrance of the Reptile House harbour several fish species, and the Insect House is populated by everything from Scorpions to Butterflies.The family attraction also showcases native species at the Childrens Farmyard and some animals can be petted while keepers answer questions and inform ticket holders about pet husbandry.Close to the Reptile House, gibbons and Siamang loiter, while the Bat House is a-flutter with Egyptian Fruit Bats and the Long-eared Hedgehog, while flamingo maraud in the lake opposite.
A breeding pair of Red Panda adjoin the Cotswold Wildlife Park Restaurant, and the nearby owl aviaries harbour the likes of the Great Grey Owl and Burrowing Owl, while other birds of prey include Turkey Vulture and Striated Caracara.